A system that records when shifts start and end with integrated facial recognition software

Record the arrival and departure times of employees through a user-friendly app
Save your time and save your company money
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Managers and owners are busy. We get it. Monitoring when employees arrive to work takes a lot of time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere. Moreover, if your company has a lot of branches, it can become impossible to watch everyone and ensure they are recording their shifts honestly.
It doesn’t matter how many employees you have or what kind they are, you have too much on your plate to focus on something as monotonous as timeclock records. We can eliminate these headaches so you can concentrate on what you do best- developing your company

The system recognizes the employee and makes an entry on their timesheet

Install the app on your Android or iOS device
The employee taps the device screen to record the start and finish of his shift
The system takes the employee’s photo, matches it to the database, and marks the date and time. It’s the smartest, most honest timeclock you’ve ever had
Track your employee’s timesheets online

Fill out the employee questionnaire

Employee registration

Create a questionnaire for each employee and input information about him/her: photo, schedule, department, etc.


Adding a photo

Add up to 5 different employee photos to the questionnaire to speed up the facial recognition process.


Editing and deleting a profile

Has the employee changed his or her look or work schedule? Add a new photo or edit his or her information.

WorkPace features

Increase discipline and transparency with employee timesheets by using reliable facial recognition and time-stamping technology.


Wasting precious time by manually logging employee work records is a thing of the past. In Workpace, everything is automated, and we give you a flexible tool for building employee work schedules.

The app only needs a standard Android smartphone with a camera. You don’t have to pay for expensive biometric equipment like other systems.
Transparency and control
Our app almost instantly recognizes the employee's face, records the exact time of arrival or departure, and sends the data to the database.
Generate custom reports by day, month, year and employee. We can provide them in Excel format and online.
Workpace can even work offline
If something happens and you find that your office is without Wi-Fi, the app will still function as normal and mark the arrival and departure of each employee.

As soon as your Internet problems are fixed, the cached data from the app will be sent to the report and saved.

WorkPace Rates

WorkPace 10
29 900 ₸ per year
For 10 employees
WorkPace 50
99 000 ₸ per year
For 50 employees
WorkPace 100
195 000 ₸ per year
For 100 employees
WorkPace 500
846 000 ₸ per year
For 500 employees
WorkPace 1000
1 590 000 ₸ per year
For 1000 employees
3 000 ₸ per month
10 000 ₸ per month
20 000 ₸ per month
85 000 ₸ per month
160 000 ₸ per month
Don't waste your precious time on late employees.
Leave it to us.
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